敷 地|周囲に田園が広がる、広い敷地

用 途|単世帯住宅

要 望|敷地の有効利用、庭と来客駐車場、部屋のつながり

面 積|建築面積: 85.92 ㎡  延床面積: 85.92 ㎡



概 要|




これらの居室群は扉を空けると「ひと繋がりのワンルーム」となる。一般的なワンルームと異なり全体を見渡すことはできないが、いくつかの居室が視覚的に繋がり、その先のいくつかの居室とは空気でつながっている。 見渡せる範囲の居室までは視覚的要素が強い繋がり関係として、 また視覚が届かない範囲は視覚以外の感覚によってつながる。ひとつの居室に差し込んだ光や風、家族の行為や気配がその先へと広がっていく。


# Small House
As the site is surrounded by rice fields, we planned “a small house” that the idyllic atmosphere and landscape.The entire volume of the house was first divided into individual rooms, their each concept were finally linked together taking account of factors such as connection of garden and room, entrance of light, ventilation, flow line of daily activities, etc.Also, to meet with the demand for a guest parking lot and family garden, we laid out the rooms across the site to secure two exterior spaces.
# Multiple Viewpoint
Each room has different volume, finish, and openings.These differences were made to enhance deeper experience with elements by presenting more than one viewpoint on each element; for example, when the light enters from wide opening, it gives you different impression from the thin ray of light in a dark place.  These elements can be trees in the garden, wind, internal openness, nuance of shadows, and communications between family members.
# Connected Air
When opening the door, these rooms become “One single room with connections”.  Although, unlike a general single room, it can not get a view of whole room, one room is visually connected with some and also connected with others beyond by air.  Communication is prompted among the viewable rooms by the strong connection of visual element, and with the rooms out of sight by the senses other than visual sense.  Subsequently, the light and wind streaming into a room, as well as the act and the sign of the family there are transmitted to the adjacent rooms, and are extended beyond.
# Supplementary Architecture
The rooms expanded in the site functions as a house without being isolated functionally and spatially.  The important thing is that the rooms are connected.  The “connection” is formed by the persons and nature, and is not limited within the structure and the diagram of architecture.I think that the architecture is something that acts as a supplement of the “connected air “.